Established in 1991, Internova has been refining its sophisticated manufacturing expertise in wooden tailor made furniture.


Established in 1991, Internova has been refining its sophisticated manufacturing expertise in wooden tailor-made furniture. Since then, this family-run Croatian company has become a leader of bespoke Croatian furniture. Internova’s years of expertise, passion, and flexibility with craftsmanship, and technology, along with the commitment to excellence make us a valued partner for luxury residential, hospitality, restaurants, and retail sectors. 

For us, manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It is a balance between technique and aesthetics, reason and emotion. A mixture of contemporary design and flexibility, that is how Internova has become a brand that stands for quality and creativity. Our continual research and innovation as well as our collaborations with renowned architects and designers have challenged us to try new things and in turn, become a pioneer in our field. Interpreting their forms and offering them freedom in design and functionality benefits every customer.

  • Craftmanship
  • Excellence
  • Passion


Durability: Internova only selects materials of the highest quality. Furniture has to withstand a great deal over time; a production challenge that Internova happily embraces.

Innovation: Research and Development are one of the cornerstones of Internova. We seek out new materials, allowing designers to create unique spaces through customization of shapes and sizes.

Respect: Internova is committed to maintaining ethical business and environmental practices during the whole production cycle.

Mission and Values

Mission: To guarantee the excellence and quality of our products through ongoing research and innovation in all phases of the production process.

Values: Our core values are: craftsmanship, technology development, commitment, excellence, and passion. We are passionate about our work, always seeking better and more innovative solutions. We continuously focus on the quality of material, products, and services to ensure the highest standard, while at the same time, keeping our employees motivated with training and development opportunities.