Bespoke furniture manufacturer since 1991


We started in 1991 as a small furniture trading company. With the growing inquiries for customization, we have decided to start our production and produce custom-made furniture.

Led by the desire to deliver the best possible solutions, our journey included many trials and errors, but we learned from the process and absorbed the knowledge. The same drive keeps pushing us today.

This expertise gave us the privilege to work on some of the most prestigious award-winning hotels, private residential and commercial interiors as a fit-out contractor.

Internova Hilton Imperial
Maslina Internova
  • Precision
  • Craftsmanship
  • Passion


Materials: We put particular importance on material selection, taking into consideration the purpose, end users, and budget for every element we make. We help you choose the right materials to tailor your needs. With a range of partners that are experts in the field of metal, stone, glass, and upholstery, your possibilities are endless.

Innovation: Research and development are the cornerstones of our business. No two projects are the same, no two projects repeat the same processing of wood, metal, stone, and with each project, we learn and grow.

Respect: We are committed to maintaining ethical business and environmental practices during the whole production cycle.

Mission and Values

Mission: To guarantee the excellence and quality of our products through ongoing research and innovation in all phases of the production process.

Values: Our core values are: craftsmanship, technology development, commitment, excellence, and passion. We are passionate about our work, always seeking better and more innovative solutions. We continuously focus on the quality of material, products, and services to ensure the highest standard, while at the same time, keeping our employees motivated with training and development opportunities.

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