Berlin Penthouse

Berlin Penthouse

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Ulf Saupe - Done Studio

Private Client






475,00 m2


47 Days


20 Days


Studio Novono from Berlin is the interior designer of this 475,00 m2 penthouse in Berlin. All the custom furniture was produced, delivered, and assembled by us.

The kitchen niche part is hidden behind wall claddings, where most of the appliances are. The central kitchen unit wraps around two columns, hiding the main installations behind the claddings. The third element is the kitchen island which is a cooking and food preparation unit. All together, these three elements create a functional space with many hidden storage compartments.


The fireplace is paved with natural Italian limestone in the upper part and dark marble with a specially developed finish in the lower part. All the edges of the fireplace base are joined at 45 degrees, glued to get a monolithic look.

Wall and ceiling claddings were the biggest challenge to develop and install. They spread across the kitchen, dining, and living area, all the way through a long corridor with doors, to the wardrobe room. The penthouse has more than 70,00 m2 of claddings with hidden kitchen compartments, LED lighting, and room doors. Claddings are produced of hardpressed and brushed ash veneer and solid painted with Farrow&Ball paint to create a visible wood structure.

The bespoke bathroom vanity unit is made from full solid oak wood with metal construction hand-painted to gun-metal effect in a combination with custom-made waved brass mesh. Unit doors are produced from oak hardwood with milled handles.


The master wardrobe room is filled with full depth closets, hanging units, shoe storage shelvings, and a central element with drawers and jewelry compartments. The inner part of the closets is constructed of a hard press oak veneer on MDF board and painted to aged and stained oak effect. All the doors are framed in slim aluminum frames, filled with tinted bronze tempered glass, which comes to the full glow effect after turning on all the LED lights.


The TV cladding around the existing structural pillar extends on all four sides, making construction for hanging kitchen elements, a built-in closet, and a hidden drawer for IT equipment under the TV. The entire lining is made of metal pieces of patinated brass.

Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj