Classic Loft

Classic Loft

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Stairwell & Loft


185 m2


16 Days


7 Days

Property of Internova;

The 180,00 sqm penthouse, located in the strict center of Zagreb, is a true masterpiece of elegance and style. In charge of the interior design was Stairwell&Loft interior design studio. Every unit is custom-made for the penthouse, from the dining table to the kitchen handles.

As soon as you enter the open space kitchen and living room, you'll immediately notice the 450,00 kg marble table. Produced from 100% solid Italian Cararra marble, it was assembled, glued, and impregnated on-site upon installation.

Kitchen front doors, produced from rustic oak veneer, were hand-oiled once in the varnishing department inside the company and second time on the project site after installation.

Property of Internova;
Property of Internova;

The living room has a beautiful developed solid oak slates cladding with hidden closet compartments above the TV unit.

"The key to any good design is the understanding between the designer and contractor. It is invaluable to work with a furniture manufacturer with such knowledge of details, materials, colors, textures. Internova has a fresh and innovative perspective, they dare to breathe soul and emotion into their products."

Boran Petljak
Founder and chief designer at Studio Stairwell & Loft

Property of Internova;
Property of Internova;
Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj