Labin Public Library

Labin Public Library

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Public Library Labin




I. Žalac, M. Grubiša, I. Presečan & D. Gamulin


550 m2


60 Days


20 Days


"Designing the library in Labin was an extremely exhausting process that took 5 years. After all the construction and craftwork were finally done, the equipping of the libraries remained. Given that the complete equipment of the library was designed and engineered according to our idea, it was extremely important on whom we will "run into" on public procurement. Fortunately, this final phase was done by the company Internova and the influence on the overall impression was exactly as we imagined. The result of our cooperation is the award "BERNARDO BERNARDI" for the most successful achievement in the field of design and interior design for 2014. Award of the Association of Croatian Architects Bernardo Bernardi, award of the Ministry of Culture for the entire architectural achievement Vladimir Nazor, a foreign award for design ICOGRADA Excellence Award and a nomination for the Grand Prix of the salon, Piranesi, Mies Van Der Rohe."

Ivana Žalac
SKROZ d.o.o. for design, construction, and supervision

Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj