Maškovića Han

Maškovića Han

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Agencija Han Vrana




Tissa Studio


18 Rooms


45 Days


20 Days


Maškovića Han is the most western heritage of the Ottoman Empire. It was a long-abandoned ruin until restored in 2017 as a part of a local heritage project. In charge of the interior design was Studio Tissa, and we were responsible for all the custom-made furniture production and FF&E procurement.

The oriental design is felt all over the hotel since the main goal was to respect the original heritage with a modern touch. The project included the furnishing of 16 guestrooms, a restaurant, the reception, and a retail store.


Glass lanterns, natural fabrics, and oriental design patterns perfectly complement original architectural details like the pebble mosaic courtyard, stone walls, and fluted chimneys. All the wooden furniture was produced from walnut wood combined with rustic stained rusted metal and painted metal.

"The furniture that surrounds us in the Heritage Hotel Maškovića Han is the furniture of top quality and design, we can confirm this as the hotel staff, but so can all the guests who have stayed here. The work was done professionally without any complaints. The blend of modern oriental makes for a special experience. Keep up the great work #forzainternova."

Aleksandra Santini Šarić
Sales & Front Office at Hotel Maskovica Han

Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj