Hand-made crafts are complemented by cutting-edge technology in a strong bond with the environment and local traditions.

Consultation and Technical Design

From project brief to final installation and inspection, we offer full support. We like to get involved early in the project to be able to contribute with our expertise in different materials considering the project scope, end user, and budget while respecting the design.

With a range of partners that are experts in the field of metal, stone, glass, and upholstery, your design possibilities are endless, enabling you to customize the shapes, sizes, and materials. Our technical department does the technical drawings for all positions, including wood, metal, stone, and glass that are then distributed to our cooperators. The entire process is coordinated by our project managers making sure you are informed about the progress of the project and the deadlines are respected.


A combination of traditional hand-made craftsmanship with high technology in a 4400 sqm of space, enables us to deliver quality solutions respecting the deadlines and client’s requirements. Elements are built in Croatia, with a focus on local suppliers. Most of them are first assembled in our factory, inspected, and then disassembled and prepared for the on-site installation team. Not a single piece of furniture goes out of the factory without it being reviewed by a carpenter.

Delivery and Installation

We handle the logistics of the on-site delivery. All of the elements are assembled and installed by our team of experienced installers. The project manager is present on-site for all phases of installations making sure everything is coordinated with other contractors and construction site engineers.

Finalization and Aftercare

After the installation, everything is reviewed by our project manager to ensure the client’s expectations are fully met in accordance with the agreement and that the project is ready to be submitted. Our work does not stop there, as the post-service support is always available for possible additional fitting after the finalization.


Constant research and innovation while working with ambitious architects and designers who challenge us to try new things and give us the power to think differently bring out the best designs for the benefit of every customer. We strive to work ethically and sustainably, respecting nature and giving back to the local community. Precision, attention to detail, and belief that there is always at least one solution brought us where we are, and we plan on doing so in the future.

Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj