The Leo Grand Hotel

The Leo Grand Hotel


Marko Mihaljević

Lenikus Group




Lenikus Group


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Situated in the center of Vienna, in the house with a view of St. Stephen’s Cathedral and St. Peter’s Church, The Leo Grand hotel, is a perfect example of a vibrant mix of noble generosity and artistic creativity.

With a lot of courage for the extraordinary, but always with a view to the house's history, The Leo Grand was made into a colorful, unique work of art.
Traditional patterns are interpreted modernly and can be found throughout the house. Baroque design has been reinvented and translated into the present.

Our work consisted of developing, producing, and installing elements for the hotel's public areas, including the reception, open atrium, 2 bars (indoor and outdoor), 2 restaurants, and an event hall.
No need to mention that everything is 100% custom-made.


When you enter the hotel from Bauernmarkt street, hosts will welcome you at the reception area.

There we have two central tables with shaped legs, painted in baroque red with edges in antique gold colors, made with actual golden leaves. All painting work was handmade.

On the opposite side, we have a waiting area that we could call a „play area“ due to custom-made and painted chessboards and backgammon games on low tables.

Next to the low tables are custom-made one and two-seaters sofas upholstered in extravagant fabric with unique details.


Exiting reception, you will step into a patio used for serving breakfast in the morning but also for brunches and special events gathering. Here we have wooden partitions acting both as room dividers and as planters. Partitions were made using a 5-axis CNC machine, with a hand-painted brush effect.

Central pieces of the space are monumental straight and rounded benches, with milled backs painted with two different colors. The construction of the benches was made with the help of a cutter and a 5-axis CNC machine, while all the visible surface treatment was done mainly by hand by our hard-working and experienced carpenters.
One of the curved benches even acts as a DJ stand.

Next to the patio are two colorful and extraordinary restaurants with small seating numbers.
Here again, we have made curved benches in a strong and colorful combination of fabrics and shapes.


Leaving the patio, we enter the avant-gard caffe bar. In its first part, there are low and high seating benches.
The lower one is made in a circular shape with each upholstery element done individually with a backrest in a petal-look-like shape. The higher one is U shaped bench, again perfectly fitted to occupy the space.

All tables for the seating area are metal and custom-made, with hand-painted table tops with special detail – laser-cut brass trim on all 4 sides of the top.
More relaxing dark green tunes accompany this colorful oasis with custom-made golden details.

Each and every piece is carefully carved, sanded, and hand-painted to give the whole space a sense of uniqueness. Above the bar is a hanging shelf system made of brass with an antique painted effect.

On the upper floor is an event hall where traditional patterns and colors are interpreted in a contemporary way. Here you will find two wide benches, each measuring more than 4 meters in length.

Again, all tables are metal and custom-made, with hand-painted table tops with special detail – laser-cut brass trim on all 4 sides of the top.

At the end of the room is a bar with wallpaper covering the bottom and the awning with a hand-knitted top covering.


Central pieces of both male and female toilets are wooden oval washbasins. Each is made of hand-painted MDF in baby blue color, with again oval shaped marble top.

Each basin on the top has two tall fixed lights for which we have made special brass stands having soap holders in the lower zone and three petals with glass on one side and brass on the other.

The spacious outdoor terrace has 3m long straight benches, the same look as indoor ones but made with all waterproof material.

Benches are with milled backs painted with two different colors. In the same design low planters are made, as well as upholstered poufs.

Accompanying benches and poufs are the outdoor tables with metal foot and hand-painted table tops with brass laser-cut trim all around.