Visitor Center Poklon

Visitor Center Poklon

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Nikola Zelmanović

Nature Park Učka




Clinica Studio, Muses, Šesnić&Turković, Revolucija Dizajna, Igor Pauška


650,00 m2


60 Days


40 Days


"We are happy that Internova exists, and blows our mind with every new collaboration - from preparation to production, the best team ?
P.S. They are happiest when working with curves."

Ozana Ursić
Art director, Clinica Studio

The Visitor Center spreads over more than 650.00 m2 of indoor space, divided into an interactive exhibition, a room for entertainment and education of children, two rooms for presentation and conference, a reception area, a gift shop, and a mountain cafe.

The team of collaborators included several experts, so it was crucial to communicate clearly and on time for the project to go according to plan. The author team consists of interior designers (Clinica Studio), graphic designers (Šesnić & Turković), lighting designers (Igor Pauška), multimedia design (Design Revolution), and content developers and heritage interpreters (Muses).


The exhibition presents the natural, cultural and historical value of the Učka Nature Park in a modern and interactive way educating visitors about the need to preserve and protect the environment. The content is interesting and adapted to all ages.

Most of the furniture is lacquered MDF. The main focus is on the wall cladding that spreads throughout the entire space. We used over 1400.00 m2 of material for its production.


The project required good technical preparation and elaboration of every detail and maximum precision in production and during assembly because a large part of multimedia and content is an integral part of the furniture.

For such a demanding production, the key was our 5-axis CNC machine and spray painting machine, which enabled us to work quickly and accurately. In addition to demanding carpentry positions, attention is also on interesting engineering solutions made of glass, metal, and upholstery.

Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj